PARYS 24 Nov. 2020 28 °C
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Humidity: 23% Pressure: 1010 hPa
Wed 31 °C 18 °C
Thu 28 °C 18 °C
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PARYS 24 Nov. 2020 28 °C
Wind: 9.33 mph
Humidity: 23% Pressure: 1010 hPa
Wed 31 °C 18 °C
Thu 28 °C 18 °C
Fri 33 °C 18 °C
Sat 26 °C 19 °C
Sun 23 °C 17 °C

Bookings Terms and Conditions



You are reminded of the following administrative arrangements and billing requirements.



A deposit of 50% is payable to secure your reservation. After signing and returning this document you will receive a 50% deposit invoice and this must be paid within 48 hours from receiving the document. If this is not done - we work on a first come first pay basis and this could mean you could lose your accommodation.



Check in time is from 14:00 and checkout time is 10:00



The lapa areas will be cleaned at around 06:30 in the morning, 13:00 in the afternoon and 19:00 in the evening. Alternative times can be arranged.


  1. MENU

We have the option to cater for you. Please advise if this is necessary.



Final number of guests should be confirmed in writing, 15 days prior to the date of your arrival.  The following conditions will apply:

  • Should the number of guests be greater than the original number estimated, you will be charged accordingly and will reflect on the final invoice.
  • Should the number of guests be less than the estimated number of guests you will only pay for the number of guests confirmed and no cancelation fee for these cancelled guests will be charged and will reflect on their final invoice.
  • Should the final number of guest be received after the 15 days cut-off period of notification you will be charged for the estimated number of guests and any additional guests greater than the estimated number.

The signatory of this agreement takes full responsibility for the group that he/she is making the booking for and agrees to inform all persons in the group of the rules and regulations of Thwane Bush Camp.



Thwane Bush Camp management upholds the Right of Admission Reserved and will have transgressors removed from the property by SAPS.



Thwane is licensed premises under the Liquor Act and no alcoholic beverages other than those purchased from the Bar can be allowed onto the premises. The self-catering option for the use of the Main lapa does not mean that own alcohol can be consumed however corkage fees may apply in some instances.



The total outstanding amount including breakage deposit and lapa fees need to be paid before 14 days to your arrival date.



Should your accommodation be cancelled the following conditions will apply:

  • up to 90 days prior to your arrival date, 100% of the deposit will be refunded
  • up to 60 days prior to your arrival date, 75% of the deposit will be refunded
  • up to 30 days prior to your arrival date, 50% of the deposit will be refunded
  • up to 15 days prior to your arrival date, 25% of the deposit will be refunded
  • should the booking be cancelled within 8 days of your arrival date, 90% of the invoice amount will be charged



Clients are welcome to play music at Thwane Bush Camp for their own enjoyment under the following conditions:

  • Sound systems only at lapa areas.
  • NO music from vehicles is allowed.
  • Cellular phones and small handheld portable speaker devise only at tents.
  • Time restrictions apply when there are other guests at Thwane Bush Camp:

a. No loud music before 12:00 morning

b. Music must be turned down by 22:00 in the evening so that it is not audible at the other lapas or tents

c. Music must be turned down by 00:00 that music is only audible at the lapa area

d. Music must be turned off by 01:00

  • If other guests complain about noise you will be requested to turn the music down or off.
  • You will forfeit 100% of the breakage deposit if above is not followed.
  • Failure to further comply with these rules can result in the guest/s being asked to leave Thwane Bush Camp.



Please note that this is a combined indoor/outdoor venue, and management cannot take any responsibility for bad weather conditions.


The Owners, Management and Staff members do not take any responsibility for any of the guest or hosts’ belongings or any injuries, damage or loss suffered by any persons, and damage to such belongings.


  1. OTHER
  • No wood may be taken from the field of the farm on which Thwane Bush Camp is situated and used for making fire during your stay at Thwane Bush Camp or for taking home.
  • No unauthorised visitors are allowed to join your party without getting permission from management.
  • No visitors in your party are allowed to go to the other camps at Thwane Bush Camp without management permission.
  • Fires may only be made in designated areas at Thwane Bush Camp.
  • No smoking in tents or bathrooms and no littering with cigarette buds – please help us in this regard
  • No littering en-route to and at Thwane Bush Camp. Bins are supplied for your rubbish.


  • The breakage deposit must be paid via EFT before your arrival.
  • If any damages are reported by my staff or rules are broken by visitors, the value will be estimated and deducted from your breakage deposit.
  • If the amount calculated exceeds the amount of your breakage deposit, you will be billed accordingly to pay the outstanding amount within 30 days.


The lead guest, acknowledge that all goods brought onto the Thwane Bush Camp premises for the purpose of their stay and recreation including any electrical equipment, at any time shall be exclusively at their sole risk and that Thwane Bush Camp will not under any circumstances be liable in respect of any claim of loss made or suffered by any person in respect of such goods.


The lead guest hereby indemnify Thwane Bush Camp the camp management and staff against any claim or claims which may be brought against them whether by themselves or any other person or persons and howsoever arising if such loss or claim should in any way arise out of the preparations for functions as aforementioned, delivery and dispatch of goods, the holding of any function and any other matters connected therewith.